ERP & Website

Thaanii ERP

  • Purchase
  • Material Inward
  • Production Planning
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Inventory control (RM,WIP&FG)
  • Accounts
  • Payroll


  • Material Inward
  • Package conversion
  • Sales (Billing)
  • Inventory control
  • MIS reports

Application tools

  • Steel Coil Cutting
  • Tool costing
  • CRM
  • Customize Crane Remote Operation control
  • Robotic Program Manuplation Software

Additional features of ERP

    • User, Admin Login Control
    • Auto Mail & SMS System
    • All reports can export into other applications

Website Design

  • Custom Web Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Web Designs
  • Static & Dynamic Web Designs

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Online Marketing

Custom ERP Development

  • Excellent team for custom ERP development, in all phases of the ERP life cycle to improve operational efficiency
  • Cost-efficient alternative to your current manual procedures or software applications
  • Leverage an integrated design-build-run model to streamline implementation and provide supplemental support
  • Centralized access to all information helps in better decision making process

Zároveň je to však jedna z několika esenciálních kyselin a a ty tak budou přetrvávat i nadále a na základě svého složení z přírodních látek a že vlastnosti léku budou platit vždy. Službách, které jsme schopni nabídnout, ať už na afrodiziaka, různé stimulátory nebo enzym fosfodiesterázy a typu 5, je na čase vyhledat svého lékaře.

Businesses all around the world are increasing their reliance on ERP programs as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their software applications. However, current ERP programs suffer from a number of shortcomings which make it especially difficult for the small / mid size organization to enjoy the tremendous benefits of ERP.

We offer services in all phases of the ERP life cycle. For more detailed information free offline slots. As an example we can assist with your ERP Strategy, Package Selection, Implementation as well as ERP Outsourcing and Production Support. We are there with our clients from the point the decision is made to implement an Custom ERP Solution through the implementation and support phases of the life cycle.

We are implemented the custom Thaanii ERP in different Domain as follows:


Thaanii Hosiery Garment ERP is a Desktop based integrated end-to-end software solution for Garment Manufacture & Exporters. This application includes modules from Purchase, BOM, Inventory, Planning, Production, Outsourcing, Cutting, Stitching, Packing, Billing and Accounting


Thaanii Manufacture ERP is a Desktop based integrated end-to-end software solution for Forging Industries, Heat Treatment Industries & Contraction builders. This application includes modules from Purchase, Inventory, Planning, Production, Outsourcing,  Billing and Accounting


Thaanii Steel Cutting ERP is a Desktop based integrated end-to-end software solution for Metal Coil Industries.  This application includes modules from Purchase, Job work, Outward, Production, Inventory, Billing and Accounting


Thaanii Food Industries ERP is a Desktop based integrated end-to-end software solution for Food Industries. This application includes modules from Inward, BOM, Inventory, Billing and Accounting

Retail management system (rms)

Thaanii  RMS is a Desktop based integrated end-to-end software solution for all products of Retailer, Mall, Show Room, Factory Outlet, etc., This application include the modules from Material Inward, Package Conversion, Rate Management, Inventory Control, Sales (Billing) and MIS Report.


Automates (Bio-Metric) or Manual pay slip generation method. Takes care of statutory problems like PF, TDS, ESIC, Etc., It includes compensation management, tax management tools, Integrates with time work place, Advance & Loan Management system  and additionally the logic behind it.



The Designing Stage is Arguarly one of the most important stages of a web project

We build websites that you will be proud of! We offer the latest in web technology with exceptional server configuration best suited for your website and hosting plans that suit your budget and requirements. Our reputable suppliers and manufacturers from a roofing company of Maryland are always at your disposal. You can rely on us for all of your Linux and Windows Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting needs. We offer both unlimited and limited plans for Windows and Linux hosting that includes web space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, databases, etc., in addition to all types of domain registrations.

Comprehensive information hub

E-Commerce portals – Pep up your sales and make your online business valuable through cost-effective, easy-to-use online trading systems.

Corporate websites – Strengthen your company’s USP through an impressive comprehensive corporate website.

Flash Websites – Build up on an interesting idea through interactive websites that attract and retain attention.

Website Maintenance – Revamp outdated websites and make sure that your website is always updated and evolves with time to earn better.

Thaanii Software Consultancy. is an experienced software/web designing/Mobile App development company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu  which has proved to be the leader among the website designing and web hosting companies in this region of India. It delivers seamless and cost effective solutions which suit every budget

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